St. George Church

Nestled within the remote village of Zhibiani in Svaneti's Ushguli community lies the lesser-known yet captivating St. George Church. Dating back to the 15th century, this hall-type temple showcases the architectural prowess of the era, albeit with its own distinctive charm.

Constructed of gallstone, the church features a three-facet, extended apse that gracefully comes to an end. The central apse houses a large arched window, while the west wall holds another window, both bathing the interior in soft, ethereal light. The sanctuary is separated from the hall by an iconostasis, complete with an arched exit and small apertures for icons on either side.

Inside, the vault is divided into two sections by a wide arch that seamlessly transitions into pilasters, creating an elegant and harmonious aesthetic. Encircling the hall, a high and narrow stair accentuates the unique architectural features. The altar apse showcases flat, wide "pilasters" arches, while a plain cross relief adorns the west wall above the window.

The church's entrance, a low arched opening, retains its understated beauty. Though the original door is no longer present, a modern wooden carved door serves as a fitting replacement. The interior and exterior of the church are both plastered, and the floor is adorned with dark gray stone slabs.

While the builder of St. George Church sought to emulate the shapes and decor of the nearby Lamaria Church, the result is a unique blend of architectural elements that lend the church its distinct character. Despite the slight deviations from Lamaria's sophistication, St. George Church stands as a testament to the spiritual heritage of the Ushguli community.

Venture off the beaten path and immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere of St. George Church in Zhibiani. Embrace the rich history and architectural beauty of this lesser-known spiritual gem, nestled amidst the breathtaking peaks of Svaneti.

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