Chazhashi Savior Church

Nestled in the village of Chazhashi, in the Ushguli community of Svaneti, the Chazhashi Savior Church beckons visitors with its rich history and timeless beauty. Constructed in the 10th century, this monumental structure of shale is complemented by an outbuilding and fence from an earlier period.

The church's hall, a blend of square and semicircular elements, is crowned by a grand vault with a central fan window. A second window adorns the west wall, while small, deep, right-angled niches grace the apse wall. Three stairs lead to the uplifted apse, separated from the rest of the church by a massive stone refectory adorned with intricate ornamentation.

The interior of the church is a harmonious symphony of architectural elements. A two-tiered, broad detent arch divides the vault, resting on pilasters without capitals. The linear walls feature no arches, and the pilasters simply lean on high steps that serve as seating. The entrance door on the west wall is arched on the inside and orthogonal on the outside, with a single-stage hanging arch above.

The 17th-century paintings that cover the interior walls are a testament to the church's artistic heritage. Despite the loss of much of the original plaster, some modern frescoes can be seen on the north wall's upper façade. The south façade features a simple recess and two gently expanded arches.

Chazhashi Savior Church houses a precious 11th-century silver icon depicting Jesus, framed in 13th-century blacksmithing work. This sacred artifact also bears the imprecation of Khadum Satarvansheli in bold capital letters.

Discover the Chazhashi Savior Church in Ushguli, a mesmerizing blend of history, architecture, and sacred treasures. Let the spirit of this ancient sanctuary transport you to a time when faith, art, and devotion converged to create a lasting symbol of spirituality.

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