Rukhi Fortress

Rukhi Fortress, a historic stronghold built in 1647 by Levan II Dadiani, is nestled in the village of Rukhi within the Zugdidi Municipality in the Samegrelo region. In the late Middle Ages, this fortress played a vital role as a well-fortified defense against the Ottomans and fostered trade in the region. Despite losing its strategic importance in the early 19th century, Rukhi Fortress remains a popular tourist attraction, offering visitors a glimpse into the rich history and culture of Georgia.

The fortress's strategic location on the left bank of the Enguri River allowed for easy access and protection for the local population during times of war. Battles fought near Rukhi Fortress have been documented in historical sources, further emphasizing the fortress's significance.

The architecture of Rukhi Fortress reflects its defensive nature. Spanning 100 meters in length and 80 meters in width, the fortress is divided into two sections: the lower yard to the south and the citadel to the north. The main entrance is accessible only through the lower yard, which is guarded by a ten-meter-high tower. The citadel, located in the northern section, offers impressive views of the surrounding area and served as a crucial defensive position.

Today, only four floors of the main tower remain, with fireplaces and embrasures on each level. The fortress walls, reaching 8-10 meters in height, once featured a combat trail 3-5 meters wide. Constructed of cobblestone, the fortress also housed a spring, which was likely located in the west corner.

As a testament to Georgia's rich history and culture, Rukhi Fortress now serves as a popular tourist destination. Visitors can enjoy picnics, concerts, and a chance to explore this fascinating monument, all while admiring the lush greenery and Georgian flag flying proudly above.

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