Okro Lake

Cover image © Paata Vardanashvili

Situated in Samegrelo, a region bursting with lush scenery, Okro Lake, also known as Golden Lake or Okros Lake, finds itself in close proximity to Poti city, positioned just across the Maltakva river. Serving primarily as a rowing sports ditch, this artificially crafted lake adheres strictly to Olympic standards, showcasing its commitment to athletic excellence.

Stretching between 1000 and 1200 meters (3280.84 and 3937.01 feet) in length, the lake’s width fluctuates around 120 to 150 meters (393.70 to 492.13 feet), creating a substantial aquatic expanse. As one delves into its middle section, the depth ranges from 4 to 6 meters (13.12 to 19.69 feet), revealing a predominantly sandy and remarkably even lake bed.

Within its waters, a rich aquatic life thrives; species including carp, cupid, crucian, Caspian Shemaya, mullet, and sturgeon have all found sanctuary here. Interestingly, the lake’s ecosystem is meticulously managed, demonstrated by its division into two distinct sections with the aid of a special net. In the first section, various fish species are introduced and perch are notably absent, ensuring a balanced aquatic community. On the other hand, the second section is the designated habitat for perch.

Reflecting on its history, it’s worth noting that Okro Lake played host to the 1991 rowing sports championship, marking its significance in the sporting realm. Today, the lake continues to serve as a pivotal location for both training exercises and competitive water-skiing events, upholding its legacy in aquatic sports.

Visiting Okro Lake offers a unique glimpse into a man-made marvel set against the backdrop of Poti city and the Maltakva river. As a site that seamlessly combines natural beauty with athletic prowess, it stands as a testament to human ingenuity and the spirit of sportsmanship. Whether you’re an enthusiast of water sports or simply seeking a moment of tranquility near water, Okro Lake invites you to explore its depths and discover the vibrant life that pulses beneath its surface.

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