Poti Museum Of Colchian Culture

Nestled in the city of Poti, formerly known as Phasis, the Poti Museum of Colchian Culture stands as a symbol of Georgia's profound western-influenced culture. Housing over 20,000 exhibits, the museum is a beacon of antiquity, appealing particularly to history enthusiasts and admirers of ancient civilizations.

Poti, a significant economic, cultural, educational, and trading hub of the historical kingdom of Colchis, provides the ideal setting for such a museum. The time-span of the exhibits ranges impressively from the 3rd century BCE to the 6th century CE, narrating a tale of time that spans almost a millennium.

The museum's main building was architecturally brought to life by Edmon Frick in 1908, under the patronage of Poti's then-mayor, Niko Nikoladze. Over the following decades, Nikoladze meticulously refined his vision for the museum, which ultimately came into existence in 1933, under the stewardship of Besarion Gogolishvili, an eminent self-educated archeologist.

As you walk through the museum's corridors, you'll encounter a wealth of Colchian artifacts, ranging from agricultural and military tools from the Bronze Age to ceramics dating back to the first and second centuries BCE. Bronze figurines of bulls, birds, and dragons from the 6th century BCE highlight the sophistication of Colchian craftsmanship. The intricate geometrical designs adorning various items stand as testament to the skill and aesthetic sensitivity of the Colchian artists.

A centerpiece of the exhibition is a small statue of the "Great Mother of the Gods," the protector deity of fertility and life. This goddess's veneration reached far and wide, spanning the European part of the Mediterranean, Crete, Asia, the South Caucasus, and the Black Sea area.

Furthermore, the museum preserves an invaluable numismatic collection, including gold coins from the reigns of Alexander the Great in the 3rd century BCE and Justinian the Great in the 6th century. These artifacts testify to Phasis's prominence as a trading city, attracting merchants from afar to purchase Colchian goods.

The Poti Museum of Colchian Culture, a significant Georgian historical institution, continues to operate daily from 10:00 to 17:00, excluding Mondays. A journey through its exhibits is a journey through time, a journey that unveils the grandeur and complexity of Georgia's western-influenced past.

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