Paliastomi Lake

The marvel of Georgia's natural landscapes manifests splendidly in Paliastomi Lake. Standing as the country's third-largest lake, Paliastomi encompasses an area of 18.2 square kilometers (approximately 7 square miles). Its average depth reaches 2.6 meters (about 8.5 feet), with a maximum depth of 3.2 meters (10.5 feet), fascinatingly positioned 0.3 meters (about 1 foot) below sea level.

Situated just 2 kilometers (approximately 1.2 miles) away from the Black Sea, Paliastomi Lake is bordered by a sprawling sandbar. In historical times, the lake was a bay of the Black Sea, a connection reestablished in 1924 through a canal dug out from the lake's southwestern shore. This canal, dramatically widened by a robust swell in December 1933, has since morphed into a straight, further enhancing the lake's natural charm.

Paliastomi Lake is not only visually captivating, but it is also teeming with aquatic life. Prior to the formation of the straight, more than forty species of fish called this lake home. Currently, it offers sanctuary to numerous marine species, including catfish, common carp, pike perch, mullet, and pike. This diverse ecosystem renders Paliastomi a paradise for ornithologists and birdwatchers, attracting many bird species to its banks.

Ancient lore also paints a vibrant picture of Paliastomi Lake. According to local legend, the "Tribe of Pavlia" once dwelled here. In a dramatic turn of events, the ground sunk, releasing vast amounts of water that flooded the village. Only a single deacon named Darchia survived, rescuing an icon of the archangel. In honor of this relic, a temple was later constructed on Mount Jumati.

The lake, also referred to as Palaeostomi or "ancient mouth/outlet" in Greek, lies near the city of Poti. Its waters and surrounding areas have borne witness to numerous archeological finds linked to the ancient kingdom of Colchis, adding a layer of historical intrigue to this natural attraction.

As part of the Kolkheti National Park, Paliastomi Lake is an integral facet of Georgia's protected natural heritage. Its serene waters and rich biodiversity stand as a testament to the country's commitment to preserving and cherishing its environment. Visit Paliastomi Lake and immerse yourself in Georgia's awe-inspiring natural and historical splendor.

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