Okrotskali Lakes

The Okrotskali Lakes, Big Okrotskali Lake and Patara Okrotskali Lake, are tucked away in Upper Svaneti, within the Mestia Municipality. They lie on the border of Svaneti and Abkhazia, along the eastern slope of the Khojali Range, a branch of the renowned Kodori Range.

This route to these elusive lakes is one of the least known, yet most striking in all of Georgia. It beckons the adventurous with panoramic vistas and mesmerizing lakes that make every step of the challenging trek worthwhile. The Big Okrotskali Lake captivates visitors with its turquoise hue, reminiscent of the seashore, while the Small Okrotskali Lake features a deeper, more mysterious color.

Your journey commences from the village of Lukhi in the Khaishi commune, accessible by any vehicle type. The actual hiking trail begins about 25 kilometers (15.53 miles) from the village. This stretch can be traversed by an off-road vehicle, or you could opt to cover 20 kilometers (12.43 miles) by a rented truck, complete with a local driver from the village.

From the forested area, the trail opens up into a massive valley, bordered by towering rocks that shape stunning panoramic views. Here, you'll witness the Okrotskali River cascading down a 400-meter (1,312 feet) high slope, forming a chain of waterfalls. The origin of this river is the Okrotskali Lake itself.

Following the valley, you'll tackle the most strenuous part of the trail - the final ascent to the lake. Without a clear path, with a high incline and a terrain blanketed with grass and stones, you'll be navigating the left side (right bank of the Okrotskali River) of the waterfall cascade. This climb will have you gaining 400 meters (1,312 feet) in elevation, demanding significant effort.

The trek from the Big Okrotskali Lake to the Small Okrotskali Lake poses considerable risk. You'll need to navigate a narrow ridge, a steep slope, and a rock with terrain that shifts annually. This portion requires an uphill journey of 550 meters (1,804 feet), passing through Ergzashira pass and another pass at 2900 meters (9514 feet) MSL, lying along the occupied territory's boundary. This location marks the administrative border between Svaneti and Abkhazia. On a clear day, it provides a picturesque panorama of Abkhazeti and even a glimpse of the sea.

The hiking trail is of medium difficulty overall, with the last stretch presenting a challenging climb. Yet, the breathtaking beauty awaiting at the summit makes all the effort fade into oblivion.

The Okrotskali Lakes journey, while challenging, is a delight for every adventurer at heart. Offering stunning views, pristine nature, and a memorable experience, these lakes are a true treasure of Georgia's scenic landscape.

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