The Cross Over Mestia

Situated 900 meters (about 2953 feet) above Mestia is a cross that commands attention from anywhere in the valley. The pathway to this monumental cross starts from Mestia and guides you through the town towards Tskahazagari mountain.

Considered a shorter alternative to the Koruldi lakes trail, this hike is popular for its manageable length. At its end point, a recently built viewing platform awaits, offering impressive vistas from the foot of the cross.

While the majority of the hike transpires within the forest, the journey becomes even more striking as you surpass the treeline, the terrain becoming diverse and interesting. If time allows, extending the walk towards the lakes is recommended for further exploration.

The Cross Over Mestia hike is typically undertaken between April and November. Winter hikes are also possible but require additional time due to weather conditions.

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