Kalalish Lake

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Kalalish Lake (Kolalishi), also affectionately known as Blue-eyed Lake, presents itself as a charming, heart-shaped body of water, deeply integrated within the alpine meadow’s embrace, akin to a meticulously placed piece of exquisite jewelry. With its geographical roots in the municipality of Chkhorotsku, residing in Samegrelo, this small yet captivating lake is perched upon the Egrisi Ridge. Precisely, it stands at an elevation of 2,490 meters (8,169 feet) above sea level, boasting close proximity to its aquatic neighbor, Lake Didi (Great) Tobavarchkhili.

The Egrisi Range, under which Kalalish Lake finds its home, is widely recognized for its breathtaking scenery paired with the intricate, challenging hiking routes that pave the way to its numerous lakes. Nature offers a plethora of gifts along this journey, ranging from hidden caves and mineral-rich waters to majestic glacial waterfalls and expanses adorned with moss. These elements collectively contribute to the enigmatic allure that encapsulates the region.

For adventurers and nature enthusiasts seeking to unravel the beauty of the Egrisi Range and set their sights on Kalalish Lake, the western expanse of Samegrelo serves as a suitable starting point. From here, two notable options for embarking on this journey present themselves: initiating the trek from the quaint village of Mukhuri or opting for the Skuri Resort as the point of departure.

Situated within the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, Kalalish Lake’s unique allure is further accentuated by its geographical placement on the Egrisi range, a remarkable 2,490 meters (8,169 feet) above the sea’s embrace. Despite its modest size, the lake’s proximity to Tobavarchkhili is a distinctive characteristic, fostering a sense of unity within the landscape’s diverse elements.

In essence, Kalalish Lake stands as a testament to the intricate beauty and adventurous spirit that permeates the Egrisi Range, offering a journey filled with nature’s varied gifts and a destination that leaves a lasting imprint on the hearts of those who witness its serene beauty.

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