Intsra Waterfall

Tucked in the heart of the mountainous terrain of Georgia, the Intsra Waterfall is a sublime spectacle of natural beauty. Located near the village of Chkvaleri in the Tsalenjikha Municipality of Samegrelo region, the waterfall is a spectacular sight, cascading from a height of 26 meters (approximately 85 feet).

The journey to Intsra Waterfall begins from Chkvaleri village, leading you on a circular path that extends for about 7.5 km (approximately 4.7 miles). This trek, encompassing 2-3 hours, takes you through a landscape steeped in natural beauty. The trail initially follows a dirt road, leading to a forested valley adorned with clear signage to keep you on track. The path is relatively straightforward, barring the last hundred meters where you encounter a steep slope interspersed with large boulders, serving as a thrilling preamble to the waterfall's spectacle.

The waterfall is a breathtaking sight, enveloped in verdant foliage and moss-covered vertical rocks, lending a mystical aura to the setting. The Intsra waterfall descends gracefully into a river in the Intsra Canyon, enriching the locale with an entrancing allure. As the waters cascade from the waterfall's height, they collect into a pool of radiant turquoise below, a popular spot for locals and tourists seeking a refreshing plunge.

Alongside the waterfall, another natural wonder that awaits exploration is the Intsra cave. The trek to the cave and waterfall is accentuated by the soft rustle of the moss and box trees enveloping the pathway. An interesting feature is the water spring emerging from the cave. This water is channelled through pipes laid out along the path, serving as a guide leading you deeper into the mystic wilderness.

The Intsra waterfall is best visited during the spring, summer, and autumn months, when the waterfall is in full flow and the surrounding greenery is in its prime. The journey from the village to the waterfall is a mere 1.6 km (approximately 1 mile), followed by a short path through the forest leading to the waterfall and cave. Despite the steep hillside that forms part of the trek, any adult can undertake the journey, making the Intsra waterfall an accessible and rewarding adventure.

Embark on a journey to the Intsra waterfall for a magical encounter with Georgia's pristine nature, where a serene atmosphere harmonizes with the melodious symphony of cascading waters.

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