Minda Fortress

Nestled in the scenic backdrop of western Georgia, Racha region beckons with its blend of natural beauty and historic intrigue. Here, where the rivers Rioni and Lukhuni converge, perched on a lofty, rocky cape near the village of Tsesi, the Minda Fortress, also known as Minda Castle, asserts its silent presence.

Dubbed as "I want" Castle, this medieval sentinel offers an adventurous sojourn, thanks to its challenging location. The fortress, intriguingly inaccessible, stands atop a mountain, reachable only by a narrow, winding path. This strategic location was no accident, but a defense mechanism, making the fortress a formidable foe to any enemies in times past. Although shrouded in the mists of history, it is believed that Minda Fortress has been standing guard since the X century.

The fortress witnessed the passage of royal edicts when, in the 1530s, King Bagrat III of Imereti bestowed it upon the Khetisdze family, inextricably linking them to its legacy with the honor of being a standard bearer. Today, a stone fence, three stalwart towers, and a bell tower stand as remnants of its former glory. Yet, some parts, like a room thought to have survived, remain inaccessible due to rockfall. In the fortress's eastern section, an early medieval church bears the scars of time.

The Minda Fortress also cradled in its stony bosom an eight-ton winemaking vessel or qvevri at one point—though no trace of it remains today. An intriguing anecdote from the Soviet times, the fortress's image adorned the wine label of "Barakoni."

The fortress's intriguing name has sparked many a tale, with one attributing it to Queen Tamar's command of "Here, I want a castle," and another tying it to the fortress's strategic inaccessibility that made it a coveted, yet elusive, prize for invaders. Serving as an essential outpost on trade routes, the fortress, accessible by any vehicle, continues to tell the tales of Racha's vibrant past.

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