Sno Fortress

As you traverse the landscape of the Kazbegi municipality, your eyes drawn to the majestic peaks of the Chiukhi Massif and Kazbegi, don't miss the opportunity to visit the small mountain village of Sno. The village is home to the imposing Sno Fortress, a silent reminder of a past fraught with conflict, nestled amid a tableau of unparalleled natural beauty.

Positioned strategically on a cliff within Sno village, just a short drive away from Stepantsminda, Sno Fortress offers an awe-inspiring vista of the surrounding mountains and Kazbegi. An aura of "perplexity" surrounds this ancient monument, whose origins remain somewhat enigmatic. Historical records fail to detail its exact construction date or builder, though comparative analyses suggest it was likely built in the latter half of the 16th or early 17th century.

Standing about 1,770 feet (540 meters) above sea level, Sno Fortress is an architectural marvel constructed from crushed stone and black slate. Its solid structure comprises one tower and an almost circular wall equipped with gunports and murder holes—a defensive design utilized during enemy invasions. The fortress's position on the village outskirts allowed it to control the Sno River Valley, making it a key defensive fortification for the region, with lines of sight reaching as far as the roads leading to Khevshureti, Pshavi, and Mtiuleti through the Gudamakari Valley.

While not as grandiose or rich in stories as some of Georgia's other fortresses, Sno Fortress, occasionally referred to as Gudushauri Castle, is steeped in historical significance. The fortress was once part of the domain of Shiola Gudushauri, a 17th-century warrior of the local Khevsur people. These Georgian highlanders are known for their resistance against Leks invasions during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Though the keep tower is not currently accessible to the public, the fortress remains an open historical site and forms part of a small village park. The visit to Sno Fortress offers not only an insight into Georgia's tumultuous past but also provides a stunning viewing point to admire the breathtaking landscape of Kazbegi—a perfect blend of nature's grandeur and the human story.

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