Mtskheta Archaeological Museum

Just a stone's throw away from Tbilisi lies an exquisite reservoir of historical treasure - the Great Mtskheta State Archaeological Museum-Reserve. This museum-reserve is an exceptional assembly of historical monuments and archaeological relics, spanning international and national significance, harmoniously congregated within its confines.

Covering an impressive area of 30 hectares (approximately 74.13 acres), the Mtskheta State Archaeological Museum-Reserve is a testament to Georgia's rich and layered history. Housing the most vital pre-Christian and Christian historical monuments of the country, the museum-reserve is a rewarding journey into the past.

Established in 1955 and having the status of Legal Entity under Public Law since 2008, this esteemed museum-reserve forms part of the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia, under the purview of the Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia. It is situated at 51, David Agmashenebeli street, in Mtskheta municipality.

Delve into the depths of Mtskheta's history, an area that has been inhabited since the Early and Middle Bronze Ages, stretching back to the 3rd millennium BCE. The museum-reserve houses essential relics that provide insights into the everyday life, history, culture, religion, and customs of Mtskheta's inhabitants across varied eras. Sometimes referred to as the 'second Jerusalem' due to its immense wealth of holy artifacts and sites, Mtskheta's fascinating trajectory is thoroughly explored within these walls.

Among the significant landmarks nestled within the museum-reserve are Armaztsikhe, the royal residence of the Kings of Kartli dating back to the 3rd century BCE, Pitiakhshi, the residence of the Kings of Iberia which includes a palace complex, bathhouse, and complex underground heating system, the Samtavro Archaeological Field, and Baiatkhevi and its associated mausoleum tombs from the 1st century.

The archaeological segment of the museum-reserve houses a trove of unique objects discovered within the region. This collection, dating from the 4th millennium BCE to the 10th-12th centuries, comprises items forged from gold, handcrafted glass pieces, gold and silver coins, epigraphic materials, weapons, everyday artifacts, and even toys. With a collection that boasts over 23,000 items, the museum-reserve is a profound exploration of ancient Mtskheta's daily life and times.

Open every day except Monday, between 10.00 and 18.00, the Great Mtskheta State Archaeological Museum-Reserve is an enlightening voyage into Georgia's storied past that will leave every visitor enriched and inspired.

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