Bodorna Church

Bodorna, a small village in Georgia's Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, is home to a captivating blend of natural and historical wonders. Nestled near Bodorna, on the verdant slopes of Mt., the Church of the Virgin of Bodorni stands as a testament to Georgia's rich architectural legacy.

Built in the distinctive Kuppelhalle style, this church is steeped in history. As per the inscription on its southern facade, the Church of the Mother of God in Bodorna was renovated in 1417, replacing an older ruined church that once graced the location. Subsequently, in the mid-16th to 17th centuries, a small chapel was added to the church. After further repairs in 1912, the church stands today as a symbol of resilience and devotion.

The Bodorna Complex, comprising the church and the surrounding area, is an impressive natural monument marked by caves and weathered cliff columns. Sculpted by millennia of wind and rain, the Tsotsola Cliff is a notable geological feature standing 15 metres (or approximately 49 feet) tall. It hosts a two-room cave at its base, believed to have served as a storeroom.

Located about 200 metres (or roughly 656 feet) from this natural spectacle, visitors can explore the 12th-century Bodorna Virgin Mary Church. This makes the Bodorna Complex, 46 kilometres (or approximately 28.5 miles) from Tbilisi, an accessible day trip from the capital.

Historically, the Bodorna Column was revered as a fertility symbol during the Pagan period. In the Christian era, around the 5th and 6th centuries, it may have been inhabited by Christian ascetics. The human-made caves dotting the surrounding slopes are believed to have been used as cult locations or shelters.

Straddling the boundary between natural monument and historic site, the Bodorna Complex offers an enriching experience. It provides a unique insight into Georgia's fascinating geological features, complemented by a peek into the country's vibrant historical and cultural tapestry.

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