Vashlovani Tower

In the charming village of Vashlovani, nestled within Tetritskaro municipality in the Kvemo Kartli region, stands a distinctive architectural marvel: Vashlovani Tower. This historical structure dates back to the early 19th century, precisely 1811. Yet, contrary to what one might assume, it wasn't built as a military bastion. Instead, it was conceived as "Salkhino," an opulent haven for Georgian aristocrats to indulge in festivities and banquets.

Major-General Tamaz Orbeliani of the Russian Army envisioned this marvel, and the skilled hands of "Master George" brought it to life. The tower, with its captivating circular design, is sculpted from local gray crushed rocks, bound together with a firm mortar. Breaking the otherwise monotonous structure, an eastern brick loggia stands out, a captivating dance of red, white, and yellow bricks. This meticulously crafted loggia, along with the arched entrance door, distinctly accentuates the eastern facade. The interior is thoughtfully illuminated by arching windows and spans across four floors. Each level is interconnected by a stone staircase, snugly adhered to the walls. However, time has not been particularly kind to the tower. The top floor lies in ruins, its once magnificent allure replaced by a haunting desolation.

Setting out from Tbilisi, one can embark on an intriguing hike from the historical Azeula Fortress in Kojori village. Though the trail is fairly straightforward, it remains unmarked, making a guide or a map invaluable. For those interested, 'Weekend Travelers Georgia' frequently traverses this region. The tower, situated at Vashlovani's north-eastern extremity, offers an open invitation to adventurers. Those brave enough can ascend its heights, though caution is advised due to the deteriorated condition of some stairs. From its upper echelons, the view is breathtaking, showcasing the serene expanse of Kumisi lake and the landscapes beyond.

For the contemporary traveler seeking a quick yet enriching escape from the hustle of Tbilisi, Vashlovani Tower is a hidden gem. While its current state may be one of neglect, its rich history and the scenic allure of the surrounding village offer an immersive experience into Georgia's captivating past.

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