Kojori Fortress

Nestled just eighteen kilometers from Tbilisi, near the idyllic climatic resort of Kojori, stands the majestic Kojori Fortress. This historic monument, also referred to as Koroghli Fortress or Azeula Fortress, has been a silent sentinel of Georgia's storied past. Its notable association with the revered Georgian Queen Tamar, who is believed to have drawn her last breath within its walls, only adds to the fortress's allure.

Perched atop Azeuli Mountain at an impressive height of 1,250 meters above sea level, Kojori Fortress offers breathtaking views of the wide-open spaces of Kartli. This vantage point and the fortress's layered construction upon the cliffs contributed to its immense strategic significance during the Middle Ages. Notably, the fortress safeguarded the vital caravan route that once linked Tbilisi to Armenia.

Constructed primarily of crushed stone and brick, reinforced with robust mortar, the fortress bore the brunt of numerous battles and sieges since its inception in the 11th century. Today, remnants of its once imposing walls and two towers stand testament to its turbulent past.

One of the most profound events in the fortress's history unfolded in 1921 when it served as the final battleground between the 11th Army of the Russian Red Army and Georgian cadets. To honor the brave cadets who fell in that decisive confrontation, a poignant memorial has been erected within the fortress premises.

Beyond its historic significance, Kojori Fortress has emerged as a coveted destination for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike. The surrounding region, once the summer retreat of kings, is now a public haven. Visitors are drawn to its verdant landscapes for picnics, relaxed hiking, or simply to revel in the tranquility of the adjoining forest.

Whether you're intrigued by the echoes of royal footfalls or the peaceful allure of nature, a visit to Kojori Fortress is an invitation to immerse yourself in Georgia's vibrant past and captivating beauty.

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