Ghliana Cave

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Hidden amidst the spectacular landscapes of Imereti, Georgia, stands the Ghliana Cave, a karst masterpiece perched 142 meters (466 feet) above sea level. Not too far from the village Kumistavi, this enchanting cavern promises tales of age-old stone, flowing water, and mysterious residents.

As you approach, two entrances beckon. The grand main entrance stretches up to 4 meters (13 feet) in height and spans an impressive 7 meters (23 feet) across, while the secretive secondary entrance remains hidden 35-40 meters (115-131 feet) below the surface, offering a steeper descent for the truly brave!

Embark on an exploration and just 60 meters (197 feet) in, discover a serene siphon lake extending 50 meters (164 feet) in length. Journey further, and you'll wade through siphon corridors, their waters teasing ankles at depths between 0.5 to 2 meters (1.6 to 6.5 feet).

However, it’s the stunning gallery stretching 150 meters (492 feet), its ceiling dripping with nature's chandeliers – the stalactites – for almost its entire length, that's bound to leave you spellbound. As you marvel at the beauty above, below, water currents rush, sometimes swelling up to 50-55 liters per second during floods, eventually merging with the Kumi river.

But, Ghliana is not just about rocks and waters. In its drier corridors, bat colonies make merry. And if you have a keen eye and a penchant for the tiny wonders of nature, you might spot inhabitants like Trachysphaera, Attheyella, and Deuterosminthurus, among others.

Plan to visit? Remember, this isn't a typical tourist hotspot. There’s no infrastructure to guide you, but that's the charm of it! Just pure, untouched nature. However, before you make the dive into this subterranean wonder, don't forget to get a nod from the Imereti Caves Protected Areas administration.

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