Datvi Lake

Just picture it: a crystal clear lake nestled within the rugged beauty of Okatse Canyon. Its surface perfectly mirrors the moss-clad cliffs and cerulean skies above. This is Datvi Lake, a natural monument offering adventurous souls an off-the-beaten-path experience in Georgia.

Located merely 24 kilometres (about 15 miles) from the bustling city of Kutaisi, Datvi Lake awaits the bravest of explorers in the quaint village of Gordi, Khoni Municipality. As one of the unique natural lakes dotting the vicinity of Okatse Canyon, it's a sight to behold.

Yet, the path to Datvi Lake is not for the faint-hearted. Prepare for an adrenaline-charged hike along a moss-covered, rocky trail that snakes through the cliffs surrounding the lake. As you traverse the path known to locals as the 'bear's den,' you might feel your heart pound in anticipation of what's to come.

Suddenly, the trail starts to descend steeply, demanding courage and stamina from every hiker. It's here that the appropriate hiking equipment and even ropes become essential, helping you navigate this daring journey. It's not a trek to be attempted lightly, so we recommend securing the services of a local guide who can safely lead you to the lake.

As you take the final steps and lay eyes on the lake, it's as if all the fatigue and adrenaline-fueled tension evaporates, leaving only awe. The lake's tranquillity juxtaposes its difficult path, and the sight of clear waters surrounded by mossy boulders, towering canyon walls, and primeval forest leaves you breathless.

Datvi Lake's beauty is profound yet quiet, drawing you into a meditative state. While you could fill a thousand pages describing its charm, most visitors prefer to bask in its silence. They let the serene scene tell its own story, one that starts with an adventurous hike and ends in the heart of Okatse Canyon, with the azure sky arching over the reflective waters of Datvi Lake.

Undoubtedly, a journey to Datvi Lake is an adventure of a lifetime that combines excitement, challenge, and a touch of serenity that only untouched nature can offer. Prepare for a journey that will take you away from the crowds and into the arms of Georgia's quiet, hidden gem.

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