Musicians' Park

Bathed in the melodies of iconic artists, the Musicians' Park stands as a tribute to the power of music and the tranquility of nature. This 21-hectare (52-acre) green haven, supported by the "Cartu Foundation", is situated in Shekvetili, nestled in the shadow of the colossal Black Sea Arena.

Musicians' Park is a paradise that resonates with music, with the melodies of both Georgian and international artists perpetually in the air. As you amble along the beautifully curated paths, you're met with a series of monuments dedicated to these musicians. It's a concert in the park that never ends, with Frank Sinatra's "My Way" playing near his sculpture and Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" echoing around his. Further down the path, Gia Kancheli's soulful "She is Here" can be heard, symbolizing everlasting love.

This park, inaugurated in 2016 alongside the Black Sea Arena, plays host to thirty-five sculptures of musicians, each echoing their art into the environment. It's a melody-infused journey through history, honoring the global impact of these musicians while immersing you in their craft.

But Musicians' Park isn't just a tribute to music. It's a vibrant ecosystem featuring a unique variety of perennial plants and a picturesque koi pond, housing decorative Japanese fish. The park also offers an array of cognitive and entertainment projects, making your time there even more memorable. Guests can partake in crafting sessions and adventure games, while caricature artists provide a touch of whimsy for younger visitors. All these elements coalesce to create an eco-friendly space that nurtures creativity and relaxation.

As the sun sets, the park transforms into an even more enchanting place. Large singing fountains light up and put on a mesmerizing dance, with a laser show projecting images onto a curtain of water, captivating the audience with its vibrant spectacle.

Open daily from 7:00 am until midnight, Musicians' Park is a haven for relaxation at any time of day. You can unwind on the verdant lawn, allowing the melodies of music's greats to serenade you while you soak in the beauty of your surroundings. Make a trip to Musicians' Park and experience the harmonious blend of music, nature, and culture.

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