Chinchao Lake

Elevated at 2500 meters (8202 feet) above sea level in Guria region, the serene Chinchao Lake awaits. This lake, although not expansive in size, compensates with its unique charm and magnificent views. With its origin related to a crater, the lake promises an unmatched sense of awe and inspiration.

On your journey to the Gomismta resort, a detour to Chinchao Lake is recommended. The spectacle of nature here offers a refreshing break from the journey, offering a moment to absorb the unspoiled beauty of Georgia's high-altitude landscapes.

From the banks of Chinchao Lake, Gomi Mountain stands tall, proudly connected to Bakhmaro by an unsurfaced, 40-kilometer (25 miles) dirt road. The raw beauty of this trail offers an immersive, intimate experience with nature.

The journey from Gomi Mountain to Chinchao Lake covers a distance of 11 kilometers (around 7 miles). The trip can be completed by 4x4 vehicles or on foot. The choice is yours, but remember, the best way to appreciate the captivating beauty of nature is by experiencing it up close.

In proximity to Chinchao Lake, you'll also find the Gomismta resort, a destination that offers spectacular views and an escape from the ordinary. Just remember to tread lightly, as this beautiful landscape is a part of Georgia's natural heritage.

In conclusion, a visit to Chinchao Lake is an opportunity to delve into nature's masterpieces, where the surroundings exude a tranquility that can be both captivating and refreshing. Whether you're exploring the trails, admiring the views, or simply soaking up the atmosphere, a trip to this lake is sure to leave you with lasting memories.

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