Varjanauli Arch Bridge

Immersed in the verdant surroundings of the Kintrishi Protected Areas, the Varjanauli Arch Bridge stands as an enduring monument to Georgia's rich historical tapestry. Situated approximately 20 kilometers (or about 12.4 miles) from the regional center of Kobuleti, this late medieval arch bridge is a captivating embodiment of architectural precision and nature's grandeur.

Constructed from hewn stone blocks, rough stones, and mortar, the Varjanauli Bridge boasts a prominent semicircular outline. This design is characteristic of bridges built in the XI-XII centuries, rendering it an authentic representation of the period's architectural style. Its height from the water level to the top of the arch is approximately 8.6 meters (or about 28.2 feet), and the width varies from 2.6 meters (or about 8.5 feet) in the middle part to 3.5 meters (or about 11.5 feet) near the abutments. The bridge spans 14.6 meters (or about 47.9 feet) between the abutments horizontally, with the roadway measuring 28.1 meters (or about 92.2 feet).

Adding to the intrigue of the Varjanauli Bridge is its mysterious origin. The exact date of its construction remains unknown, with local tradition attributing its commission to Tamaz-Oghli (or Tamazashvili), a Muslim Georgian nobleman of the 17th century. Despite its uncertain genesis, the bridge’s historical significance is recognized nationally, earning it a place on Georgia’s list of Immovable Cultural Monuments of National Significance.

The Varjanauli Bridge sits harmoniously within the lush flora of the Kintrishi Valley, blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment. This impressive structure serves not only as a bridge across the Kintrishi River but also as a bridge through time, connecting the present-day visitors with Georgia's storied past.

Conservation efforts in 2008 helped to preserve the bridge's integrity and ensure its continued standing as a testament to Georgia's medieval architecture. Whether you're a history enthusiast or simply enjoy scenic natural vistas, a visit to the Varjanauli Arch Bridge offers a unique blend of cultural heritage and picturesque landscape. Experience this majestic historical monument for yourself and take a walk on a path that has stood the test of time.

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