Lelti Lake

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Lelti Lake, positioned in the Ajara Region, stands out as a premier destination for picnicking, particularly for those journeying from Batumi, located roughly 58 kilometers away. This lake, near Naghvarevi Village, presents a vivid tapestry of nature’s wonders throughout the year.

As seasons ebb and flow, Lelti Lake continues to capture the imagination of its visitors. Spring and summer unveil a carpet of daisies and a canvas of lush green from the surrounding highlands and mountains, creating a visual feast. Contrastingly, winter transforms the landscape, with the snow-capped mountains bestowing an ethereal quality upon the scene.

During autumn, a unique spectacle unfolds as the landscape dons a sandy hue, creating a picturesque backdrop for the potential sighting of the Caucasian newt, a resident of the lake’s waters. This amphibian, belonging to the Salamander family, was once believed to solely inhabit Lake Tbikeli within the Kintrishi Protected Area in Adjara.

The lake isn’t just a visual delight; it also offers recreational activities. Boating is a popular choice, providing a different perspective of the lake’s beauty. Additionally, the area houses Adjar’s only covered bridge, the Khabelashvili Bridge, a wooden structure boasting three centuries of history and still operational today. A stroll across this bridge leads to a charming village, where you can discover watermills still in action.

While exploring the surroundings of Lelti Lake, don’t miss the chance to visit the Chvana gorge, especially during autumn when the mixed forests truly embody the spirit of fall. Here in Naghvarevi, the lake provides a striking contrast against the snowy mountains, creating a breathtaking scene.

There are hiking trails and picnic spots around the lake, perfect for a weekend getaway with family. Ensure to include a walk along the Khabelashvili Bridge in your itinerary, the unique wooden-roofed bridge in Adjara that has stood the test of time for three centuries.

Lelti Lake, situated in the village of Naghvarevi, is enveloped in stunning scenery, making it an idyllic retreat. Whether you’re planning a picnic, a leisurely hike, or a serene boat ride, this destination caters to all. The lake’s clear waters house the Caucasian newt, a noteworthy inhabitant that adds to the lake’s allure.

En route, the historical Khabelashvili wooden bridge awaits, providing a gateway to further exploration and the chance to visit a village where traditional watermills still operate. Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in the splendor of Lelti Lake, a place where nature’s beauty and historical charm coalesce seamlessly.

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