Kintrishi Nature Reserve

Nestled within the scenic resort of Kobuleti, Georgia, the Kintrishi National Park is a treasure trove of diverse ecology and rich historical sites. Situated 24 kilometers (approximately 15 miles) from the park's high-class visitor center, the protected areas of Kintrishi are elevated between 300 to 2,500 meters (approximately 980 to 8,200 feet) above sea level.

From leisurely strolls to horseback adventures, visitors can explore Kintrishi's intriguing trails leading to historic landmarks like the Tamari Arch Bridge, the ruins of the 12th-century Khinotsminda Church, and the serene Saint George Monastery. Along these trails, you'll find designated picnic and camping spots, perfect for a fireside feast under the stars.

The beauty of Kintrishi extends beyond its human-made attractions. With landscapes varying from dense forests to sparkling waterfalls, the park is a haven for a wide array of subtropical plants and diverse fauna. Many species calling the park home have roots dating back to the Tertiary Period, over 2.5 million years ago, including deer, chamois, bears, foxes, and martens. It is this ecological richness that makes Kintrishi a favorite destination for scientists and nature lovers alike.

Kintrishi National Park isn't just a sanctuary for flora and fauna. It also serves as a testament to Ajara region's cultural heritage, preserving medieval arched bridges of Tskemvana and historical religious sites. The visitor's center provides comprehensive information about these protected areas, ensuring your journey through the park is safe, enjoyable, and enlightening.

Whether you embark on the Tamari Arch Bridge Trail, the Utkhovari and Tbikeli Lake Trail, or the Khino Waterfall Trail, the Kintrishi Nature Reserve promises a unique blend of natural beauty, biodiversity, and cultural history. Experience the mesmerizing sights and sounds of the park, a veritable journey through time, preserved for present and future generations to enjoy.

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