Cathedral Of The Mother Of God

The Batumi Cathedral of The Mother of God, standing grandly on 51 Demetre Tavdadebuli Street, is an oasis of spiritual tranquility amidst the vibrant city of Batumi, one of Georgia's most coveted tourist destinations. Nestled near the Black Sea, this Georgian Orthodox cathedral, constructed between 1898 and 1903, emanates a sense of serene reverence that resonates throughout Batumi's beautiful beaches and stunning natural vistas.

Initially erected as a Catholic church, this magnificent edifice is the brainchild of Georgian Catholic businessmen and the Zubalashvili brothers. Responding to their mother's wish for a memorial to her soul, they brought in skilled architects from Italy to design the church in an elegant neo-Gothic style. The cathedral’s striking design is immediately apparent in its triple-naved basilica, standing loftily on a high foundation, with two imposing bell towers flanking the eastern facade and pentagonal protuberances adorning the western and eastern axes.

Despite its Catholic roots, the cathedral faced a drastic shift during the Soviet period. The church was closed down and repurposed as a high-voltage laboratory — an echo of a time when religion was suppressed in favor of scientific pursuits. However, in 1989, the cathedral was transferred to the Georgian Orthodox Church, marking a symbolic return to its original purpose. In honor of this transition, thousands of locals in Batumi were baptized as Orthodox Christians under the auspices of Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II.

Today, the cathedral stands as a symbol of Batumi's rich heritage, religious diversity, and architectural grandeur. Recognized as a cathedral of the Eparchy of Batumi and Lazeti (Lazistan), the church was declared a cultural heritage monument in 2011, further cementing its status as an indispensable part of Batumi's spiritual and cultural landscape. As a repository of history and faith, the Batumi Cathedral of The Mother of God invites all to experience a unique fusion of tranquility, history, and architectural brilliance.

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