Batumi Fish Market

Immersed in the vibrant city of Batumi in Adjara, the Batumi Fish Market brims with a diverse array of fresh seafood that will delight any food lover. From lively mussels and crabs to a multitude of fish species, the market teems with an enticing assortment of seafood freshly brought from the sea. And, the best part? You can have your purchase cleaned right there, ready to cook, or if you prefer, have it prepared at any of the adjacent fish restaurants.

As you savour the delicacies from the deep sea, you can also soak in the magnificent views of the sea that stretch out beyond the market. A visit to the Batumi Fish Market is thus not just about tasting delicious seafood but also about immersing yourself in the coastal ambiance that adds a pinch of magic to every bite.

One of the favorite spots for both locals and tourists, the market witnesses a constant hum of activity. The wide selection of seafood on offer includes delicacies like dorado, a prized catch in Mediterranean countries, and Black Sea turbot, known as kalkan, which is much loved by fish aficionados. Caspian shemaya from Persia is another delectable choice, particularly enjoyable when fried, boiled, or smoked. Mediterranean sea bass and Black Sea red mullet are also popular offerings, along with succulent mussels.

The busiest days at the market are Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the resort season, making it a bustling hub where Batumi's residents and visiting tourists converge to celebrate the coastal city's rich seafood culture.

For those who have savored the irresistible Adjarian khachapuri and other traditional Georgian dishes, a trip to the Batumi Fish Market adds another flavor-packed adventure to your culinary journey. Browse the market, pick your favorite seafood, and let one of the market's restaurants prepare it for you. A visit to the Batumi Fish Market promises an unforgettable seafood feast amidst stunning sea views.

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