Kid-Friendly Family Resorts In Georgia

Explore The Best Child-Centric Resorts In Georgia For Unforgettable Family Holidays

Georgia, with its unique blend of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, offers several family-friendly resorts that are ideal for vacations with children. These resorts provide a range of activities and amenities tailored to families, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for both parents and kids. Here's an overview focusing specifically on family and child-friendly aspects:


Known for its shallow waters and magnetic sand beach, Shekvetili is a prime destination for families. The sea's shallowness makes it safe for children to swim. Additionally, the resort is home to Tsitsinatela, a theme park with over 40 attractions, making it a fun-filled destination for kids​​.


A renowned mountain village in Georgia, is celebrated for its family-friendly ski resort atmosphere and diverse range of activities suitable for families, particularly those with children. Bakuriani is not just for skiing. Families can enjoy horse riding, which is both affordable and rewarding. Winter hiking and snowshoeing in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park are also popular activities. The park provides an excellent opportunity to explore the Caucasus mountains wilderness. For those who seek adventure, there are Quadro/bug rides, including trips to the frozen Tabatskuri Lake​​. Bakuriani offers a range of activities for children, including a cinema, ice skating, a small amusement park (Kids Park Didveli), a toboggan ride, and Joyland, which has different zones for all ages.

Bioli Medical Wellness Resort:

Located in a serene forest setting, this resort is an excellent choice for families seeking a wellness-focused vacation. The resort's environment is conducive to relaxation and offers activities like Nordic Walking, which can be a unique experience for children​​.

Rooms Hotel Kazbegi:

Situated in the mountains, this hotel offers families the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities such as trekking to waterfalls, villages, and churches. It’s also an excellent spot for stargazing, which can be a fascinating activity for kids​​.

Hotel Carpe Diem Gudauri:

This ski resort in Gudauri offers family-friendly amenities including ski facilities and a cinema room. Its location in the heart of Gudauri makes it a perfect spot for a family ski holiday​​.

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa:

Overlooking beautiful landscapes, this resort features four large swimming pools and an adventure center. Activities like horseback riding, quad bike tours, fishing, and minigolf are available, providing varied entertainment for children​​.

Magnetic Resort Ureki:

Close to the magnetic sand beaches of Ureki, this resort offers a family-friendly environment with amenities like a kids' club, ensuring that children are entertained throughout their stay​​.

Vardzia Resort:

Near the Vardzia cave monastery, this resort is an excellent educational and adventurous destination for families. It offers activities like hiking and exploring historical sites, which can be both fun and educational for children​​.

Château Mosmieri Hotel & Winery:

While primarily a winery, this resort in the Kakheti region offers a family-friendly atmosphere. The surrounding farms and historic settings can provide an engaging experience for children, with opportunities to learn about local agriculture and history​​.

Each of these resorts in Georgia offers unique experiences that cater to the interests and needs of families with children, from beachside relaxation and historical explorations to outdoor adventures and wellness retreats.

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