Production Techniques

Georgian wine production is a fascinating blend of ancient methods and modern innovation. The traditional Qvevri technique, where wine is fermented and stored in large earthenware vessels underground, is a hallmark of Georgian winemaking. This method, used for millennia, imparts a unique flavor and character to the wine, and has been recognized by UNESCO for its cultural significance. Beyond Qvevri, Georgian winemakers are also adopting contemporary techniques, including stainless steel fermentation and oak barrel aging, to broaden their wine profiles. There's a growing emphasis on natural and organic wine production, respecting the environment while enhancing the quality of the wine. Innovative practices like controlled fermentation temperatures and experimentation with different grape varieties are also shaping the future of Georgian wine. Our guide delves into these diverse production techniques, showcasing how they contribute to the distinctive qualities of Georgian wines.

Articles About Production Techniques

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