Abastumani Sky Quest

Unlock The Universe With A Night At Abastumani Observatory


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All year round
7 hours
Group size
Age range
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  • Start and end the day in your Akhaltsikhe hotel
  • Dine under the stars in Abastumani
  • Personalized tour of the Abastumani Observatory
  • Nighttime stargazing with expert guidance
  • Immerse in the scenic and historic riches of Georgia

Embark on a journey that blends celestial discovery with the enchanting mountain vistas of Georgia. Starting from Akhaltsikhe, this exclusive day tour takes you to the heart of the universe at the historic Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory. Designed for the intellectually curious and those who appreciate the finer details of travel, this experience offers a unique blend of science, history, and natural beauty.



Your afternoon begins with a departure from your hotel in Akhaltsikhe, setting out toward the Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory nestled in the nearby mountains. This observatory isn't just a site for scientific inquiry; it's a piece of living history. Established in the 1930s, it was among the first of its kind in the former Soviet Union and continues to be a pioneer in the exploration of the cosmos.

Upon arrival in Abastumani, you'll explore the observatory, where each telescope tells its own story. You’ll hear about its founders and its vital role in advancing our knowledge of the universe. Marvel at instruments like the 125-cm Reflector and the 44-cm Schmidt Telescope, which have opened windows to distant worlds and stellar phenomena.

As evening falls, you'll enjoy a dinner set against the backdrop of the lush Georgian mountains, savoring local cuisine that complements the crisp mountain air. Following your meal, the real magic begins with a guided stargazing session. Here, an astronomer will introduce you to the wonders of the night sky. Learn about the Milky Way, identify major stars and constellations, and perhaps catch a glimpse of a shooting star.

Your day concludes with a leisurely drive back to Akhaltsikhe, where you can reflect on the night's revelations and the timeless beauty of the universe as you settle back into the comfort of your hotel.



Our tour program's list of attractions is a guide, not exhaustive. Unlisted sites may be visited, and listed ones might be viewed from a distance. Conditions like operating hours, weather, or local rules may affect access. Thank you for your understanding.


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