Mestia To Ushguli Adventure

Explore Ushguli's Ancient Towers And Rugged Peaks On A Private Tour From Mestia
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  • Private Tour to UNESCO-Listed Ushguli
  • Comfortable 4x4 Travel Experience
  • Convenient Personalized Departure Hours
  • Visit Europe's Highest Inhabited Village
  • Expert Insights with Local Guides

Unveil the timeless allure of Svaneti on our exclusive day tour from Mestia to Ushguli, a UNESCO World Heritage site that promises more than just a visit — it's an expedition into the heart of Georgian heritage. Experience a meticulously crafted journey that caters exclusively to your interests, led by local experts whose knowledge and passion transform your trip into a deeply personal exploration. Amidst the awe-inspiring Caucasus Mountains, with breathtaking views of the highest mountain in Georgia, Shkhara (5200m), this private tour not only connects you with the ancient spirit of Georgia but does so with an unparalleled commitment to your comfort and curiosity.



Your day begins with a personal pick-up from your hotel in Mestia, ready for an early start to maximize your exploration of this private tour to Georgia's rugged highlands. As we ascend the Ughviri Pass, soak in the panoramic views featuring the majestic peaks of Ushba (4710m) and Tetnuldi (4858m), each offering a breathtaking backdrop to your journey into the highlands.

After navigating the pass, the tour continues with a visit to the Tower of Love. Set against the dramatic landscapes of Svaneti, this iconic site embodies tales of forbidden romance and enduring passions that are integral to local lore, enhancing your Georgia travel experience.

Next, we enter Ushguli through the Village of Chazhashi, a UNESCO World Heritage site recognized for its exceptional collection of medieval towers — about 30 in a small area. This impressive collection offers a unique glimpse into the defensive architecture of the region and underscores the historical significance of this isolated community.

As we move through Ushguli, the distant Queen Tamara Towers come into view on a high hill, named after one of Georgia’s most revered monarchs and offering a picturesque silhouette against the rugged landscape.

Following this, we visit the Ushguli Museum. Here, artifacts from medieval times are displayed, providing insights into the daily lives of this highland community throughout history.

The tour then takes you to the Ushguli Lamaria, a IX-X century temple-church that stands at the high end of the village. This sacred site is a blend of Christian and pagan influences, reflecting the unique religious practices that have evolved in this UNESCO-listed area.

After exploring these historical and cultural landmarks, enjoy a traditional lunch with a local Svan family. This is a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in Georgian hospitality and savor authentic local cuisine, offering a deep dive into the lifestyle of this unique travel destination.

For those interested, an optional hike or horseback ride to the Shkhara Glacier is available after lunch. This trek leads you to the source of the Enguri River and through the pristine landscapes surrounding Ushguli, highlighting the natural beauty of your day tour in Georgia.

Your journey concludes with a return to Mestia by 18:00, leaving you enriched with unforgettable memories of your private tour to one of Georgia’s most remote and majestic regions, celebrated not only for its natural beauty but also for its cultural heritage as part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.


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