Tbilisi Television Tower

Casting its long shadow over the city of Tbilisi, the Tbilisi Television Tower stands as an iconic beacon of communication. Built in 1972, the tower replaces an earlier 1955 construction, which was relocated near the city of Gori. This modern tower, rising to a height of 274.5 meters or approximately 901 feet, perches on a mountain at an elevation of 719.2 meters or around 2360 feet above sea level.

The Tbilisi Television Tower is more than just an imposing structure on Tbilisi's skyline. It's a symbol of the city's progress, a towering testament to its technological advancements, and a beloved landmark for both residents and visitors alike. Managed by the Georgian Teleradiocenter since 1955, the tower serves as a crucial hub for a range of communication systems including regular broadcasts, MMDS, pager and cellular, commercial TV, and amateur radio repeater.

The original tower, built in 1955, began its broadcasting operations from a structure that stood 185 meters tall. However, as demand grew and the need for additional channels became apparent, the old tower was replaced with the present structure in 1972. The modern tower was given a height boost in 2017 with the addition of a super turnstile antenna, extending its total height to 277.5 meters.

Adding to its uniqueness, the tower's design was entrusted to the Kyiv Research Institute of Metal Structures, the same team behind the similar towers in Kyiv and Yerevan. It's an architectural marvel capable of bending up to 9 meters during strong gusts of wind and resilient enough to withstand earthquakes up to a magnitude of 9.0. Complying with international standards, the tower dons a red and white coat, repainted every five years, to ensure visibility to aircraft from a significant distance.

While visiting tours are currently not offered, and access to the tower is limited, there are plans to establish dining facilities with panoramic views at the 70-meter mark. This addition is set to add a new dimension to the Tbilisi Television Tower, making it not just a symbolic entity, but also a place of leisure and recreation.

Located on the Mtatsminda plateau, the tower is easily visible from the heart of the city, adding to Tbilisi's charm. The fastest way to reach the plateau and enjoy the stunning city views is via the funicular, which operates year-round, covering a 500-meter journey in just 3 minutes. The Tbilisi Television Tower, serviced by about 80 employees, continues to serve as a majestic emblem of Georgia's capital, mirroring its past, present, and future.

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