Tbilisi Funicular

Perched amidst the grandeur of Tbilisi, the Tbilisi Funicular railway is one of the city's most cherished landmarks. Since its establishment in 1905, it has graced the city with its iconic presence, offering an adventure-filled journey to the highest point in the city.

The journey commences at the lower station located at 22 Chonkadze Street, where the impressive dome of the recently restored station stands as a proud nod to the railway's rich history. Once aboard, the funicular transports its passengers along a 501-meter (1640-foot) route, culminating at a lofty elevation of 727 meters (2385 feet) above sea level in just five minutes.

Upon reaching the peak, passengers are greeted with the picturesque Mtatsminda Park. This park offers more than a mesmerizing view of the Georgian capital. Visitors can relish serene picnic spots, vibrant cafes, and restaurants, and exciting rides and attractions at the amusement park. The iconic Tbilisi Ferris wheel, a timeless attraction in itself, also resides here.

Halfway through the ascension, a platform marks the passing point of ascending and descending carriages. Alighting here offers a glimpse into Tbilisi's cultural heritage, with the Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures, and the 19th-century Mamadaviti Church. The platform also offers a panoramic view of the city.

Open throughout the year, the funicular draws larger crowds in the summer, offering a respite from the city heat with its cooler mountaintop climate. The Funicular Complex at the peak provides excellent dining options with spectacular views.

For a journey on the Tbilisi Funicular Railway, a 2 GEL plastic card is required, which can be loaded with credit for the rides. The funicular cliff train costs 8 GEL and operates from 09:00 till midnight.

The funicular carriages run every 10 minutes, connecting the upper and lower stations. Covering the distance in a swift 3 minutes, the funicular offers an unforgettable ride, blending stunning views and historic charm, making it a must-visit for all seasons.

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