St. George Cathedral Of Tbilisi

Tbilisi, Georgia's capital, is home to the historic Saint George's Church (Surb Gevorg). This 13th-century Armenian church serves as the Armenian Apostolic Church's Georgian Diocese cathedral, located in Vakhtang Gorgasali Square, beneath Narikala fortress ruins.

The area, once a prison district during the Middle Ages, has transformed over centuries. The church, founded as per some sources in 1251 by Prince Umek of Karin, has an intriguing genesis. The Armenian Apostolic Church Diocese suggests it might have been established as early as 631 AD.

This resilient edifice has witnessed history's tides, changing hands from Armenians to the Persian garrison in 1616, then reclaimed by the Armenian community in 1748. Scarred by the 1795 Persian sack of Tbilisi, the church underwent significant restorations, the latest in the 20th century after the Vank Cathedral's demolition.

A notable renovation drive began in 2012, culminating in a 2015 reconsecration. Generously funded by philanthropists including Russian-Armenian businessman Ruben Vardanian, this project was attended by Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan.

This architectural gem, with its traditional cruciform structure and stucco-coated brick walls, is adorned with 18th and 20th-century religious artworks. Situated in the city heart, this beacon of Armenian-Georgian history welcomes visitors to a world of religious frescoes, a 19th-century iconostasis, and a 13th-century Arabic-inscribed khachkar. It also houses the tomb of celebrated Armenian poet, Sayat-Nova.

Crowned by a stunning dome, this chapel stands as a testament to resilience, faith, and enduring community spirit, offering an intimate journey into the intertwined Christian, Armenian, and Georgian histories.

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