Rike Cable Car

The Rike Cable Car, an innovative aerial tramway, offers an unparalleled journey through the sky of Tbilisi. Connecting Rike Park to the age-old Narikala Fortress, the cable car delivers an exceptional vantage point to view the city and its intriguing blend of the old and the new.

Stretching 500 meters (approximately 0.31 miles), the cable car journey provides a fresh perspective on the historical part of the city and the beauty of its surroundings. The ride encompasses a modern fleet of seven gondolas, each with the capacity to comfortably seat up to eight passengers. This state-of-the-art transport network offers both locals and tourists a convenient and enjoyable way to access the fortress.

Operating from Europe Square in Rike Park, the Tbilisi Cable Car is an efficient and affordable means to ascend to Narikala Fortress. A one-way trip costs 2.5 Lari, payable through the “Metromoney” card, which can be purchased at the payment offices of the wire rope for 2 Lari. While there is no discount system in place for the cable car, passengers with preferential tariffs in municipal transport automatically benefit from special preferences in this mode of transport.

Not only a convenient mode of transportation, the Rike Cable Car offers a captivating, picturesque journey over the city. From the comfortable confines of a modern gondola, passengers can admire the stunning panorama, marking the beginning of their exploration of Tbilisi from an elevated viewpoint.

While the cable car offers an efficient way to reach the fortress, we recommend using the surrounding mountainous trails for descending from Narikala. This allows you to immerse yourself fully in the beauty of Tbilisi's natural landscapes, while also adding a dash of adventure to your experience.

Whether you're seeking a simple and economical way to access Narikala Fortress or a unique way to explore the city, the Rike Cable Car serves as an unforgettable part of your Tbilisi experience.

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