Meidan Bazaar

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Meidan Bazaar, situated in the ancient district of Old Tbilisi, is a remarkable landmark where time stands still, and where the allure and exoticism of the past seamlessly blend with the vibrancy of the present. As a marketplace revered across the Caucasus for centuries, it has drawn traders from all corners of the East, their stalls nestled amongst the workshops of local artisans. In the late 17th century, the French jeweler and traveler Jean Chardin marveled at the bazaar's rich diversity, noting the presence of Armenians, Greeks, Jews, Persians, Indians, Turks, Moscovites, and Europeans.

Today, though the original stalls no longer stand, the spirit of the old Meidan endures. It is a symphony of the old and new, a place where you can savor traditional Georgian delicacies, browse a plethora of antiques, appreciate local art, or indulge in a glass of sumptuous Georgian wine. The Bazaar, while being an experience in itself, also provides spectacular views of local landmarks including Rike Park, the Mtkvari River, Metekhi Bridge, Metekhi Church, and the majestic Narikala Fortress overhead.

Dubbed the Meidan Bazaar, the underground shopping precinct beneath the square is a labyrinth of history and intrigue. This area houses a vast array of Georgian wines and traditional clay dishware. The shelves brim with local products such as natural honey, churchkhela treats, assorted teas, and jams.

Art lovers can browse and buy original goldsmith work, Georgian-made dolls, and other handmade souvenirs. Artisans and merchants have left their mark on the area, bestowing upon its streets descriptive names that persist to this day, such as Silver Street, Goldsmith Street, Iron Street, Bread Square, and Wine Rise.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Georgian National Tourism Agency and local business New Rout, Meidan Bazaar has undergone a revival, reestablishing itself as a vibrant showcase of Georgia's cultural and historical heritage. Offering a plethora of authentic Georgian products, ranging from infamous Georgian wine, local cheese, the snack food 'churchkhela', and even copies of museum exponents, Meidan Bazaar is a must-visit destination on any Georgian itinerary.

For locals, Meidan Bazaar is more than a place to find souvenirs. It is a historical location, richly displayed through old pictures adorning the walls. For tourists, it offers a trove of mementos that beautifully capture their Georgian adventure. So, whether you're a history buff, a souvenir hunter, or just a casual wanderer, Meidan Bazaar promises an experience that transcends time.

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