Tbilisi Auto Museum

Tbilisi Auto Museum is a unique attraction in the Georgian capital, displaying a captivating collection of vintage cars that draws thousands of local and foreign visitors each year. The museum has evolved from an initial collection of 25 vehicles into a constantly growing repository of automotive history.

A highlight of the museum is the restored GAZ-M1 (known as Emka) and the exceedingly rare GAZ-4 pickup truck, of which only around five remain worldwide today. These vehicles were added to the collection on May 14, 2017, and have become focal points of interest. The museum's black GAZ-M1 holds a particular historic significance as it served Lavrentiy Beria, Marshal of the Soviet Union.

The museum exhibits a diverse assortment of cars and motorcycles, primarily produced in the USSR, and previously owned by influential figures. Visitors can admire the 1978 Gaz-14 Chaika, formerly the property of Georgia’s second president, Eduard Shevardnadze (1995-2003), alongside vehicles that once belonged to other high-ranking Soviet officials.

A distinguishing feature of the Tbilisi Auto Museum is its rich variety, from the colorful Zaporozhets to the solid Zil. For those seeking a more interactive experience, the museum provides an opportunity to rent one of the classic vintage cars and navigate the streets of Tbilisi.

A visit to the museum typically lasts between 45 minutes to an hour, with convenient, free parking available and English-speaking guides at hand. In addition to tours, the museum hosts school visits, serves as a backdrop for music videos, advertisements, and photoshoots, furthering its appeal as an integral part of Tbilisi's cultural landscape.

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