Drisi Fortress

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Unearth the secrets of Drisi Fortress, a time-honored gem often whispered about as Javakhaant Fortress or Tamar’s Sanctuary. This 12th-century marvel, an unmovable monument of national significance, stands as a testament to Georgia's past. A 1.5-hour journey from Tbilisi leads you to the heart of history, where the footpath from Chkopiani Village beckons with a promise of ancient wonder.

The chronicles of Drisi Fortress unfold through tales of the Torelis, a family of Georgian feudal lords who laid its foundational stones. As eras danced, the fortress embraced the Javakhishvilis as its stewards, christening it Drisi Javakhaant Fortress.

Perched upon a rocky throne, time has etched its mark on Drisi Fortress, yet its significance radiates undiminished. Amidst the remnants, a tapestry of structures weaves a narrative. A church, a tower, a palace, and storerooms tell tales of a bygone era. Archaeological whispers unveil the memory of a dual-tiered wall enclosing the complex.

Crafted from sandstone and cobblestones, the fortress reveals its lineage through every stone. A tower guards its northern realms, while the southern echo of a once-proud palace resonates in ruins. Rising above, the church stands resolute, dedicated to Saint George. Hewn from vibrant green tuff, its presence defies the ravages of time, bearing witness to the devotion of the past.

The Drisi Javakhaant castle, perched atop a formidable rock, captivates onlookers. Found on the river's left bank, west of Chqopiani Village, its allure has earned it the esteemed title of a Monument of National Importance since 2006.

Delicate intricacies grace the fortress's design, with layered rock and sandstone weaving a captivating tale. Roaming through the remnants, you'll encounter a tower that once stood vigilant, a palace echoing with whispers of grandeur, and a church named after St. George. In this realm, farm buildings stand as sentinels, weathered by the ages.

A journey through the forest unveils one path, while a more challenging route beckons from the west. As you explore, a small church emerges, nestled within a ravine. Drisi Fortress, a nexus of history and allure, stands ready to share its enigma, inviting you to immerse yourself in its enigmatic embrace.

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