Triala Lakes

Set in the enchanting forests of Tlili Mountain are the Triala Lakes, shimmering like three sapphire gems strung together in nature's necklace. Nestled in the heart of Samtskhe-Javakheti, Georgia, these high-altitude beauties, resting at 1,620 meters (about 5,314 feet) above sea level, draw adventurers and peace-seekers alike.

Each season paints a unique picture at Triala Lakes. In spring and early summer, melting snow feeds these tranquil bodies, their levels reaching their peak. As the year unfolds, late summer and autumn may find them on the drier side, while winter transforms them into beautiful, but perilous, frozen mirrors. Remember, it's unsafe to walk on the ice, as it tends to be thin!

The journey to these tranquil beauties is an adventure in itself. A popular starting point is the rustic Ijareti Village. Meander along the dirt road that leads south-west from the village center and marvel at the grandeur of the Meskheti Range in the distance. Your pathway unwinds towards the largest of the Triala Lakes, Torila, situated at a dizzying 1,620 meters (approximately 5,314 feet) above sea level.

Continue your journey southwest from Torila to discover the next hidden gem, a smaller, equally mesmerizing lake. Further west, the third lake awaits your exploration before the road veers back west, descending into Zarzma village. Here, the historic Zarzma Monastery, situated at a comfortable 1,290 meters (about 4,232 feet) above sea level, bids you welcome.

Experience the thrill of a hike, a quiet fishing session, a peaceful camping adventure, or just immerse yourself in the serene wilderness surrounding Triala Lakes. These sapphire jewels of Samtskhe-Javakheti promise a unique experience with every visit.

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