St. George Church Of Tsvirmi

Nestled in the heart of Tsvirmi village, Mestia Municipality, Svaneti, the St. George's Church stands as a precious relic of the 12th century. The church's hall-style structure includes a semi-circular apse and a northern annex.

The interior is home to a stunning array of unique 12th-century frescoes. A stone and wood iconostasis gracefully separates the altar from the hall, reflecting a fusion of rustic simplicity and spiritual sophistication. The church is lit through an arched window set within the apse.

Externally, the church's unadorned facades complete a shelved cornice, offering a testament to its historic minimalistic architectural aesthetics. The entrance to this sacred structure is located to the west.

The church is built using semi-processed stone and a limestone solution. Precisely cut shirim stone is used at points where walls connect, symbolizing the structural integrity of the building. The annex, built from a dry pile of crushed stone, showcases the robust building practices of the 12th century.

The St. George's Church of Tsvirmi, with its unique frescoes and the iconic iconostasis, stands as an eloquent testimony to Svaneti's rich spiritual and cultural heritage.

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