Laila Glacier

Imposingly seated on the Svaneti ridge, within the Mestia Municipality, Svaneti, Laila Glacier, also known as Lahili, is a pristine gem. This glacier holds the title as the tallest point of the Svaneti ridge, reaching an astounding height of 4008 meters (13,149 feet). Adorned with a perpetual layer of snow and ice, it epitomizes the serene beauty of the Georgian mountains.

The glacier's northern slope is studded with piedmont glaciers, each one feeding the Lahili Glacier with glacial flows from the slopes of the Laila. The first person known to have conquered the Laila glacier was John Cockin in 1887. Since then, it has continued to captivate mountaineers and hikers from around the world.

Commencing your trek to Laila Glacier promises a journey rich in visual treats, with the mountain's base camp often serving as a launch point. Your route will take you across the Chizdhi pass at 3100 meters (10,170 feet), one of Svaneti's highest hiking passes. From here, you'll get an unparalleled view of the towering Greater Caucasus and even the distant Mt. Elbrus at 5642 meters (18,510 feet).

Once you arrive at Laila Glacier, you'll be surrounded by a plethora of ice formations, smaller glaciers, and spectacular icefalls, presenting a scenic landscape that's simply out of this world. The only caveat of this adventure is the return trip, following the same path unless you opt for a more challenging route across the glacier towards Mananauri.

The picturesque villages of Pari and Latali also offer exceptional views of the Laila Glacier, making them worthy of a visit. Laila Glacier, the crown of the Svaneti Range, provides an unforgettable journey to the apex of Georgian natural beauty.

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