Udziro Lake

In the heart of Georgia, amidst the lush landscapes, 860 charming lakes beckon with promises of serene natural encounters. But there's a gem amongst these water bodies, hidden high in the Racha Region, near Glola and Shovi villages. Its name is Udziro Lake, a sanctuary of tranquility nestled on a small plateau between Katitsvera and Dolomisi peaks, at a staggering altitude of 2,800 meters, or approximately 9,186 feet above sea level.

Born of volcanic origin, Udziro Lake owes its life to the glaciers near it. The towering Katitsvera mountain, perpetually blanketed in snow, bestows upon it a constant supply of water. Verdant forests, crystalline air, and meadows embroidered with wildflowers set the stage for a mesmerizing rendezvous with the Caucasian Mountains.

To visit Udziro Lake is to dance with the seasons. It sits frozen from November until the end of May, in a breathtaking display of wintry charm. However, come summer, it shakes off its icy facade, with the water temperature rising to a comfortable 10 degrees Celsius, or 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It's the perfect time to embark on a two-day hiking expedition from the Shovi balneological resort in Glola village. The trek spans 9 km, or about 5.6 miles, from the resort to the lake.

While the hike requires several hours of walking, the reward is a spectacle that stays etched in memory. The lake, an alpine wonder, literally translates to "without bottom." It perches at an altitude of 2800m, or 9186 feet, on the slope of Mt. Katitsvera, which rises to a formidable 3300m, or 10827 feet. The hike, while of moderate difficulty for seasoned adventurers, offers a unique summer experience with panoramic vistas of the Caucasus mountain range from the campsite by the lake.

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