Muri Fortress

Imagine a place where even the towers carry a battle cry. Welcome to the formidable Muri Fortress (also known as Muristsikhe), nestled in Georgia's picturesque Lechkhumi Region. Famous as the "undefeatable fortress," this relic of the Middle Ages stands not only as a magnificent monument but also as a testament to Georgia's robust defensive network against tribes from the North Caucasus. Its strategic placement and impenetrable defensive structures leveraged the geography to thwart numerous Ottoman invaders.

Muri Fortress was no mere stronghold — it was the cultural and political-economic heart of historical provinces like Squimnia, Takveri, and the modern Lechkhumi Region, from ancient times to 1867. The fortress was divided into three sections. The eastern watchtower, "Hie Magas," alerted the main tower, "Marjved Dakhvdi," of incoming enemies. The western tower, "Ar Gaushva," ensured no defeated foe escaped.

The fortress grounds house more than just walls and towers. You'll find a monastery nestled near the western tower and the final resting place of the 7th-century philosopher and church leader, St. Maximus the Confessor.

Visitors often marvel at the fortress's inaccessibility. However, thanks to a government initiative in 2018, an illuminated path up the mountain pass has made it easier to conquer. The journey begins with a climb to the first fortress, a small watchtower, offering breathtaking views of the Orbeli Mountain Pass and the city of Tsageri below. An ideal spot for a photo keepsake!

The stairs then fork, giving you two tantalizing options: walk along the cliff to the main fortress or ascend higher. The latter, recommended for the brave-hearted, takes you to an altitude of 671 meters (or 2201 feet). Here, perched on the rock ridge, you're gifted with unforgettable vistas of the Tskhenistskhali river valley, distant Lower Svaneti villages, and, of course, more fantastic photo opportunities.

Further on, the road meanders along a cliff before morphing into a footpath that leads to the main fortress building. For the faint-hearted, remember: the view from the top is worth every vertiginous step! And, if you're on the Orbeli Mountain Pass, the fortress of Muristsikhe salutes you with its majestic silhouette.

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