Ghvirishi Waterfall

The treasures of Lechkhumi in the Racha-Lechkhumi region of Georgia are manifold. Nestled among these gems, the Ghvirishi Waterfall makes an imposing statement, an embodiment of nature's untamed grandeur. Tucked away near the village of Kveda Ghvirishi, it springs forth from an elevated rock and plunges majestically into a deep ravine, ultimately seeking refuge in a rocky cave.

Perched at an elevation of approximately 625 meters or about 2050 feet above sea level, the Ghvirishi Waterfall showcases an impressive display of cascading water. As the gushing waterfall hits the depths below, it forms a quaint pool, creating a small damming. This scene is set against a tapestry of lush greenery, a spectacle that leaves visitors spellbound.

One of the striking features of the Ghvirishi Waterfall is its breathtaking panorama. As you gaze upon the waterfall and its surroundings, a beautiful, glassy spectacle unfolds before your eyes, capturing the heart of Georgia's pristine wilderness. The waterfall valley, hemmed in by high, craggy cliffs and towering mountains, offers a sweeping view of the region that's as awe-inspiring as it's calming.

The allure of the Ghvirishi Waterfall is undeniable. Its resplendent beauty draws in countless visitors throughout the year, making it a noteworthy asset in Georgia's portfolio of natural attractions. As an embodiment of the region's stunning landscape and the charming ambiance of the village of Lower Ghvirishi, it is truly a sight to behold.

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