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Perched at 550m (1804 feet) above sea level, Ambrolauri gracefully stretches along the banks of the Rioni river. This once-royal retreat now beckons visitors with tales of kings, medieval fortresses, and a wine legacy that runs deep in its veins.

From its mention in the 17th century to the Soviet era, Ambrolauri has been a silent spectator to Georgia's tumultuous history. Russian diplomats and Georgian scholars alike have etched their chronicles about this serene town, where the river Krikhula meets Rioni. The remnants of the royal castle whisper tales from a bygone era, while the Machabeli Tower stands tall, narrating legends of power and pride.

Bursting with Burstiness:
The climate in Ambrolauri is a delightful blend of frosty winters and balmy summers. With record highs touching 41.8°C (107.2°F) and lows plunging to -19°C (-2.2°F), this town truly experiences the extremities of nature. And let's not forget the generous annual rainfall of about 1,112.4mm (43.80 inches) that bathes the city.

A Cultural Odyssey:
Delve into Ambrolauri's artistic heart at the Museum of Fine Arts. But the real star attraction? The churches of Barakoni and Nikortsminda, standing tall amidst nature's beauty.

Getting There:
The Ambrolauri airport, though small, is efficient. It caters to 15-20 passenger planes, with a runway stretching 1.1 km (0.68 miles) and a cozy terminal accommodating about 50 souls.

Wine and Dine:
When in Ambrolauri, wine tasting is a must! Bask in the flavors of Khvanchkara and Aleksandrouli, wines that have put this city on the global map. And don't miss out on the Rachan ham and lobiani, treats that promise to tantalize your taste buds.

Join us in Ambrolauri, where history meets nature, culture embraces art, and every sip of wine tells a story. Be ready to be perplexed by its perplexity and dazzled by its burstiness!

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