Tanie Lake

Nestled within the untamed beauty of the Khevsureti region, in the Dusheti municipality, Tanie Lake presents a picturesque and unique spectacle that captures the hearts of its visitors. Lying between two colossal mountains in the gorge of the river Tanie, this charming lake, shaped naturally like a heart, is a beacon for romantic souls and adventure seekers alike from across the globe.

Unlike its counterparts found in the mountainous regions, Tanie Lake boasts warm, crystal-clear waters during the summer months, reflecting the purity and warmth of true love. The lake's clean water can be attributed to a natural filtration process from the ground, making it rarely overflow and ensuring an inviting atmosphere for a refreshing dip.

Reaching Tanie Lake is an adventure in itself, paralleling the challenging, yet rewarding journey of love. A trek or horseback ride through scenic landscapes will lead you to this secluded gem. Due to the travel time, spanning over two days in and out, proper camping equipment is advised for the journey.

The journey commences at the village of Ukankhadu, near Atabe, leading you towards the Tanie Pass, approximately 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) away. Here, you'd experience an elevation gain of roughly 1200 meters (3937 feet), a demanding yet fulfilling ascent. Evening falls are the perfect time to set up your camp near the pass, where you can find respite from the wind and access to fresh spring water.

Leaving your gear at the camp, you can proceed towards the heart-shaped lake, located 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) downhill. It is recommended to traverse this path unburdened, allowing you to fully appreciate the surrounding vistas without heavy luggage. Upon your return, a 2-3 hour journey will take you back to the comfort of your vehicle.

Visitors often gush about the stunning beauty of Tanie Lake, with some confessing the wish to remain by its side eternally. Its isolated location, serene ambiance, and the mesmerizing panorama create an atmosphere of tranquil seclusion, a true paradise for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. The Tanie Lake, with its charming heart shape, warm waters, and lush surroundings, is a testament to Georgia's natural splendor, providing an escape unlike any other.

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