Sabertse Campsite

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Tucked away within the vast landscapes of the Kazbegi municipality, Sabertse Campsite secures its spot on the illustrious Mount Kazbek route, soaring at an elevation of 3,000 meters above sea level. This site becomes a critical acclimatization point for those daring to ascend Mount Kazbek, offering abundant space for a multitude of tents, ensuring ample room for all. Nearby, the AltiHut Hotel provides an alternative, structured shelter for a restful night.

Water, a vital necessity, is in abundant supply at Sabertse; a modest pipe at the camp’s center dispenses clean water directly from the ground. The campsite ensures that essential needs are well taken care of.

However, it’s imperative to underline that while garbage bags are available, daily cleaning services are not part of the campsite’s offerings. Visitors carry the responsibility for their waste, necessitating that everyone takes their refuse with them, ensuring its proper disposal and maintaining the pristine condition of the surroundings.

As the journey progresses beyond AltiHut, both primary routes converge at Sabertse campsite, a key spot for climbers gradually adjusting to the high altitude. From this point, the trail transforms into a rich mosaic of experiences, winding through temporary shelters and navigating debris in the moraine, all while being guided by stone pyramids along the path. Ultimately, the trail splits, offering diverse access points to the glacier, all within close proximity to each other.

Positioned at 3,014 meters, AltiHut 3014 stands as a remarkable establishment, showcasing the breathtaking allure of its surroundings. A brief visit reveals not only the scenic splendor but also the warm and welcoming attitude of its staff, who encourage hikers to venture forth to the glacier, located just 40 minutes away. The glacier, in itself, is a spectacular sight. For future visitors, the prospect of waking up to sunrise views and spending a night in the meticulously maintained wooden structure of AltiHut is enticing. While the prices are somewhat elevated, it is understandable considering the logistical challenges of transporting supplies via helicopter.

At 3,014 meters, this mountain hut redefines comfort and cleanliness. Every aspect of the establishment, from its wooden structure to the interiors, is meticulously maintained. The toilets surpass expectations, setting a high standard for cleanliness in mountain facilities. Basic food, soups, and a variety of drinks are available, and even without experiencing an overnight stay, it is easy to infer that the dormitories uphold the establishment's high standards. The staff stand out for their positive and hospitable approach, contributing significantly to the overall guest experience at AltiHut 3014.

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