Khorisari Mountain

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Towering majestically in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, specifically within the Kazbegi municipality, Khorisari Mountain is a hidden gem of Georgia's mountainous expanse. Standing at an impressive 3736 meters (12,254 feet) above sea level on the main ridge of the Caucasus Mountains, Khorisari offers an inviting challenge for explorers and mountaineers.

Khorisari Mountain, a cone-shaped, volcanic structure, is composed of quaternary andesites and dacites, making it geologically intriguing. The mountain's stunning geography includes remnants of glacial forms of relief, as well as subalpine, alpine, and subnival landscapes that change dramatically as you ascend its slopes.

The mountain overlooks the historical province of Khevi and is adjacent to one of Georgia's highest lakes, Lake Kelitsadi. This captivating body of water enhances the mountain's allure and provides a tranquil setting amid the peaks of the Greater Caucasus.

Despite its formidable height, Khorisari Mountain is accessible for climbing, even without specialized equipment, thanks to its conical shape and gradual slope. However, with a rocky terrain, the mountain still presents an invigorating challenge to hikers.

The route from the village of Nogkau in the Truso valley is a popular trail for reaching the mountain's summit. Spanning two days, this journey takes you through some of the most untamed and picturesque landscapes in Northern Georgia, offering a much-needed retreat from bustling city life. It's advised to bring a tent and camping gear for this trek to fully immerse yourself in the raw beauty of the region.

Ranking 4th in elevation out of 5 peaks in the Kazbegi National Park and 35th out of 292 in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, Khorisari Mountain holds a significant place among Georgia's mountainous attractions. In terms of prominence, it ranks 3rd in the Kazbegi National Park, 17th out of 292 in Mtskheta-Mtianeti, and 12th out of 77 in the Kazbegi Municipality.

Every aspect of Khorisari Mountain, from its volcanic composition to the breathtaking views of Lake Kelitsadi and its subalpine landscapes, contributes to an unforgettable mountaineering experience that leaves lasting impressions on all who dare to make the ascent.

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