Khevi Sioni Basilica

The historical and cultural region of Khevi, often referred to as Georgia's northern gateway, is a treasure trove of ancient monuments. A testament to this rich heritage is the Khevi Sioni Basilica, a monument of great historical significance.

Nestled in the historic village of Sioni, within the Kazbegi Municipality, the Khevi Sioni Basilica once stood as an important defensive structure. In the early Middle Ages, it was a strategic fortification, vigilantly guarding the road leading to the Dariali Valley.

This monument dates back to the 9th-10th centuries, embodying Georgia's architectural legacy. The complex comprises a triple-naved basilica, a tower, and a wall. Preserved on the western wall of the church are faint traces of ancient paintings, bearing silent witness to the artistic pursuits of the era.

Adjoining the church, on a precipitous cliff face, stands a four-story watchtower. The church itself is encircled by an uneven wall, meticulously constructed from hewn stones. This combination of ancient architecture against the rugged mountain backdrop makes for a compelling sight.

The basilica's environs offer a sweeping view of the Kazbegi mountains. This panorama, visible from the churchyard of Sioni, paints an awe-inspiring picture of Georgia's natural beauty.

Owing to its rich assortment of historical monuments, unique landscapes, and rare flora, Khevi's territory has been largely designated as a national park. The Sioni Basilica, perched on its mountain ledge, is a notable highlight of this area. It is one of the most picturesque corners of the entire Terek valley, offering a glimpse into the region's vibrant past.

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