Kelitsadi Lake

Suspended at 3081 meters (10,108 feet) above sea level in the Kazbegi Municipality, Kelitsadi Lake stands as a testament to Georgia's wild, untouched beauty. Among the highest located lakes in the country, it offers a challenging yet rewarding journey for lovers of nature and adventure. Resting on the Keli highland, the lake can only be reached on foot, further contributing to its unspoiled charm.

Several paths lead to the secluded Kelitsadi Lake, with the most common route originating from the Truso valley. Traversing this route presents the opportunity to immerse yourself in the enchanting landscape and soak in the vistas that make this region uniquely Georgian.

During the winter and spring months, a crisp sheet of ice and snow encases Kelitsadi Lake, providing an ethereal spectacle. It isn't until June that the ice begins to thaw, culminating in a fully melted lake by August and September. This pristine body of water, nestled in the proximity of the towering Serkhota (3701m or 12,142 feet) and Khorisari (3736m or 12,254 feet) mountains, serves as the source of the Tetri Aragvi (White Aragvi) river.

The lake's beauty is enhanced by the encompassing natural elements, with the crescent-shaped lake lying beneath the watchful eye of Sherkhota Peak. Red rocks, a testament to the peak's volcanic history, scatter the nearby slopes. In the warmer summer months, the lake's clean and warm waters invite the brave for a refreshing swim, despite the absence of any fish due to the lake's frozen state for the majority of the year.

The journey to Kelitsadi Lake, while breathtaking, requires preparation and caution due to its proximity to the occupied territory of Tskhinvali Region (South Ossetia). The hiking trails leading to the lake traverse the scenic Khorisari Plateau, offering beautiful fields and camping sites. The challenge intensifies when passing through Khorisari Pass, which reaches a height of 3,550 meters (11,647 feet) above sea level and is among the most challenging passes in Georgia.

For those seeking an unparalleled view, a climb up to the peak of Khorisari Mountain unveils a panoramic scene encompassing Gudauri, the Kazbegi and Sherkhoti Peaks, and the serene Kelitsadi Lake. It's important to carry identification, as border patrols may request to verify documents at the end of the Truso Valley.

Kelitsadi Lake, steeped in untamed wilderness and secluded charm, awaits those yearning for a journey off the beaten path. This majestic Georgian gem offers more than a destination - it promises an unforgettable journey, a dance with nature that both challenges and mesmerizes.

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