Kacho Castle

High on an impassable cliff in the northeastern region of Shatili, Georgia, lie the remnants of the historic Kacho Castle. This 12th-century fortress may now stand in ruins, but its enduring legacy continues to fascinate those who brave the journey to this remote location.

Despite the challenges of a difficult road and seasonal accessibility, the site offers a rewarding experience for the intrepid traveler. The journey is best made in a 4x4 vehicle, with a trip duration typically spanning two days to fully appreciate the surrounding landscape and historic significance of the site.

What remains of Kacho Castle provides a glimpse into the lives and struggles of its former inhabitants, the Kachuvlis. Legend tells of a time when the fortress came under siege from a vast enemy army. Cut off from their water supply, the Kachuvlis ingeniously used a large roll of woolen thread, or "tkhori," to draw water from the nearby Arghun River, a tale that gives the castle its alternative name - Tkhoru Castle.

The castle's stone ruins are also marked with intriguing petroglyphs, providing a further testament to its past. Although the architectural grandeur has faded with time, these symbols etched in stone offer a fascinating insight into the culture and beliefs of those who once dwelt here.

The remnants of Kacho Castle, though modest, hold a historic charm that makes this off-the-beaten-path site a unique destination. For those drawn to history, mystery, and natural beauty, the ruins of Kacho Castle offer an adventure like no other.

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