Bazaleti Lake

Cradled in the scenic landscape of eastern Georgia, Bazaleti Lake is a mesmerizing gem, glistening in the sunlight just 60 km (37.3 miles) northwest of Tbilisi, the capital. Sprawled over an area of 1.22 km2 (0.47 sq miles), the lake reaches a maximum depth of 30 meters (98.4 feet), sheltering intriguing secrets. Notably, it has an undetected outflow, contributing to its air of mystery.

History and legends brush shoulders around Bazaleti Lake, whose enchanting waters were once the theatre for the fierce Battle of Bazaleti in 1626. Tales woven around this medieval settlement whisper of a golden-lipped child resting in a golden crib at the lake's bottom, formed from his mother's ceaseless tears. Locals recount tales of the lake's circulating water, like the bull drowned in the lake, later found in a village well, adding a spectral aura to its charm.

Nestled 900 meters (2,952 feet) above sea level on the Bazaleti Plateau, the lake's captivating beauty is magnified by the encircling mountains. This breathtaking setting is more than a feast for the eyes - it's a haven for those seeking the healing touch of nature. Fed by rain and mineral-rich underground waters, the lake boasts therapeutic properties, aiding in the alleviation of dermatological, gynecological, and rheumatic conditions, as well as bone and joint pathologies.

The experience at Bazaleti Lake transcends seasons. Be it the crisp winter air, the gentle spring bloom, the vibrant summer light, or the soothing autumn hues, each visit is distinct and unforgettable. Among the offerings of this recreational paradise is the stately white-columned colonnade, symbolizing the 2,500-year-old bond of friendship between the Georgian and Jewish people.

Echoing its past glory, Bazaleti Lake now features the Bazaleti Lake Hotel, opened in 2007, where the past meets the present. It is now a bustling hub for young people, complete with an open-air pool, sport grounds, and sprawling alleys. Whether it's a quiet swim, a sun-soaked afternoon, or a heartwarming strum on the guitar amidst nature, the lake offers a slice of heaven for everyone.

In the soft embrace of dawn and dusk, Bazaleti Lake reveals its most stunning facet, painting breathtaking portraits in the sky, reflecting them onto its tranquil surface. So, whether you're seeking health, beauty, fun, or history, Bazaleti Lake awaits to captivate and heal you with its unique allure.

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